Let’s Talk About Croatian Gastronomy!

Since I’m a native Croatian and a nutrition science student, I believe the best way to start my blog would be to write about Croatian gastronomy. You all need to know that Croatia is a beautiful place with lot’s of sun, sea, food, and wine, what makes my country one of the most desirable destinations during summer holidays.

Just imagine yourself sitting in a restaurant where you can see and smell the beautiful Croatian sea. While you are eating fresh fish and vegetables with olive oil, the waitress is representing you some of the best wines from local wineries. You can relax and enjoy every moment of your holiday because of the atmosphere and its ability to give you a peace.

Some of the most famous Croatian destinations during summer period are:

  • Dubrovnik
  • Split
  • Hvar
  • Zadar
  • Šibenik

What makes Croatian culinary so special? Well, I believe most of you have heard of Mediterian diet and its benefits. Mediterian diet is a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oil, fish, chicken, nuts and aromatic herbs. That is a combination of culinary heaven!

Being on that type of diet gives you an opportunity to stay strong and healthy most of your life. Why? Polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish are helping your organism to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol,  what prevents you from cardiovascular diseases.  The quantity of multicolored vegetables gives you enough antioxidants to prevent different diseases that are a result of sun, smoking and other bad habits.


Figs, almonds, oranges, tangerines, grapes, and watermelons are only a few of species that grow successfully in Croatia. Driving by Adriatic sea cost you can meet lot’s of stands with freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. For Neretva Valley, it is said that it’s the most northern place in Europe for tangerines to be perfectly growth. It is located between Split and Dubrovnik. If you ever find yourself in Croatia you should try famous brandies made from local natural goodies, for example, cherries. ”Maraska cherries” are quality cherries growth in the area around Zadar and they are considered to be the most delicious cherries in Croatia. Try out Maraska brandy once, you won’t be disappointed!

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